The red touch

I'm totally in love with my new red coat from Zara! I bought it last month and I'm almost wearing it everyday! It is really keeping me warm and it gives a touch of colour at each outfit. I was searching for a nude coat, like trench coat, when I saw it & it was… Lire la suite The red touch


Back to basics

I often want to change all the pieces in my closet but there are some basics I won't let go because they can be wore in (almost) all the styles. J'ai souvent envie de refaire ma garde-robe et pourtant, il y a certains basiques dont je ne me séparerai sans doute jamais car ils s'adaptent… Lire la suite Back to basics

No more dark circles with Camille Gabylore

I'm not a girl with big dark circles excepted when I didn't sleep well... So I used to wash my face with cold water by insisting on the eyes but it wasn't always effective. Hello! Je ne suis pas une fille avec les cernes ultra marqués mais dès que je manque de sommeil ou que je… Lire la suite No more dark circles with Camille Gabylore